The brochures came in!! Check out the Cambodian Kids Foundation! As well check out my fundraiser for them I will be working with them in December!! ❤❤❤❤

Half the Sky is an amazing book and will be an amazing documentary when released Oct 1 and 2nd on PBS. Everyone look out for it. Cultures need to be changed so that women are no longer oppressed. 

As I was

talking to my students today they were telling me about a street where they live that is considered “The Track”. Girls young and old would stand out there everyday and sell their bodies for sex. It’s fascinating when people act like human trafficking doesn’t happen right here in our backyards. Right here on the street around the corner. With a pimp in eyes view making sure all his girls are out reaching his quota. Human trafficking exists and its alive and well. Pay attention. 

This documentary is entitled Demand: By the Shared Hope International. A doc that focuses on the demand aspect of Human Trafficking and how we has individuals can stop it. 

Did you know New Jersey received a D last year for their Protective Innocence Initiative when it comes to Human Trafficking. This is not acceptable.

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls movie screening in New Brunswick. Documentary Shedding light on human trafficking. Such an amazing moving movie